People Expect The ETF by Aug 10th — we must be bullish until then — Lately, I was quiet as I...

People Expect The ETF by Aug 10th — we must be bullish until then

Lately, I was quiet as I worked extra hours to fucking get why the direction I gave of btc and backed it with my money is spot-on, however the steps it take bitcoin to reach something are different than in the first quarter.

Remember, in order for me to be most valuable source of info you have, it's equally important what I do as what I don't do... and that's why I don't inform when we don't have a strong edge over pretty much everyone else out there.

So, now it seems my prediction for bitcoin is spot on, just delayed by the two new forces that are coming into crypto trying to prepare for the ETF and the big launch.

Why is Bitcoin Bul
Etf might happen immediately after 10th Aug, but the odds are also big it will be delayed or (smaller odds) not happen.

However, THE PUBLIC THINKS it will happen, so it makes it bullish.

I sure want it to happen, however I am preparing us for both scenarios so we are covered, by informing you here of the potential outcomes.

Remember I put my money where my mouth is — I told Premiums that I am not processing any renewals (their membership isn't expiring) until bitcoin makes them 40% profit from the moment of my prediction (when it was 6k)... meaning it must reach $10k for me to even get a satoshi... and I'm fine with that.

It showed I'm more than confident we are bullish.

I just didn't know precisely know as now there is a race in crypto for guys to enter as soon as ETF is on. Some guys want to delay, some want to enter with new money... institutions doing fast preparations and wondering how the heck they will even enter, as it isn't the ordinary stock buy — for bitcoin, they must find bitcoin to enter.

Now it's super dangerous to have tether as it might collapse — institutions might be entering through tether as it's easier to come with usd to usdt and usdt then to bitcoin... however, tether can any time be proven to be backed-by-nothing... and give a big blow to holders. If you don't trust bitcoin, cash out. Don't do tether.

I do trust bitcoin and that's why I backed it with my money.

and by Aug 10th — it must be on a fucking bull run.

Now, what I do hope is we come there at a high enough volume, because if we do, for you to be happy again with crypto, I want you to get at least a couple of days of hyper bull run, $1,000 candles...

and that's where if you read this channel for the portfolio secret, your edge will come into play.

If you have bitcoin, you owe it to yourself to read it. Especially this:

Bitcoin bullish by Aug 10th as people will expect ETF, regardless of the news, the strong magnet-like up momentum is here, fought only by new whales preparing to enter btc

The real bull run will become when institutions start poring their money into btc

I guaranteed with my money that at 5.9k point, that I won't accept even premium renewals until btc touches 10k making you easy and relatively fast 40% gain on my dime

that also showed confidence and that I'm with you... and with that said, if you read the channel properly, you know why not hold in alts. And why alts have the next three cycles they will really not like.

You're informed.
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