Our Public Short Target Reached (I hope you followed)

Our Public Short Target Reached (I hope you followed)

Just a quick recap of history: Daddy told you to enter short at the very top of this timeframe. We booked profit through Sicario free public bitmex calls three times in these two days.


Sometimes it's impossible to give enough warnings for a person to listen.

Same happened in January when everyone was bullish, I announced USD, nobody listened.

Only the second time some started...


... by the fifth time it's usually late.


A week or so ago I told you bitcoin is bearish.  It dipped making fast gains on short and it retraced a bit scaring you off... you can NOT trade on a hourly timeframe - it doesn't go only in one direction. It goes down then it goes up it moves in direction of strength, so that one move is stronger than another move but there are both moves, not just up or down.

I told you yesterday that bitcoin is weak.

Here, I have the most accurate trader I could find for you guys to give you calls for free (this is his last call for free)

To help you in these bearish messed up times.

I told you screw Twitter guys. They all are born in 2017. times - when your dog could pick a coin and make wins.

I highly suspect that whales are now getting you rekt by manipulating shorts vs longs too... as many people started trading based on that -- yes, shorts are overwhelming now and yet we are going down. :)

It's not a problem to make a mistake.  It's a goal to adapt FAST.

Thank you for following me.  I had an adaptation to make as July was a game I needed to find ANYONE capable of trading during those times.  Luckily Bitmex Sicario seems to have an Edge.  To pay full respect there are great in puts from Cartel B, Cartel H guys... really top notch stuff.  I have also high belief in Hellfire although you got one and I got two not completely accurate calls.

It is not one trade that defines us.  We must evolve if we want any shoot at profiting now that the whales have arrived in this space.

Sticking together, knowing who to listen to... and who not to... is the first step.

If you followed, I am happy for your success and hope to continue it in Premium



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