Open Only If You Value Opinion Of Your D Man... About What To Trade Now

Thank you.

I had great privilege, fortune and luck to (finally) assamble probably the most accurate crypto trading team on the planet.

Bitmex leaderboard trader - one of most profitable traders on the biggest leverage exchange.

Super accurate crypto trading cartel trader

Great track record associates...

And do you know what they... versus the public... have to say about this trade?

(the same guys that predicted this pump in the premium group).



This time, right now, with ultra-big, corporate (bitfinex, coinbase, bitmex, binance) manipulation... where the difference in price between two exchange groups is reaching whopping $700 is giving too much ground to liquidate, stop hunt, and take away your hard earned coins.

If Sicario Fund is not trading (and they had all winning trades until this moment), if amazingly accurate associates are suggesting no trade, and bitmex leaderboard trader says it will probably go xxx but best not to trade...

then I believe it is a no brainer for you to just hold your bitcoin and spectate this action with amusement.  They can't rek bitcoin - but the moment you leverage trader it, it stops being a bitcoin. XBT is not bitcoin. bitcoin is only that one which you can send and trade from within your OWN wallet.

Trust me on this, the odds are not good to trade this, even if you can guess the outcome right.


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