Only We Signalled This Dip! Congrats to followers!

It was a free call. You weren't supposed to pay anything so you are not poor and unfortunate... you are only lazy if you didn't follow (not necessarily traded, you trade only when you agree - but follow). 

I don't know what to say to a bunch of cowards, blaming everything and everyone else for their own lack of success.

Did you do your own track record of sicario calls?

did you?

Nobody on the planet can say anything except they are fucking awesome.

We just did 26% profit on the clean signal.

Not one channel, website, system has a better track record in these times than Blockchain Whispers does - premium and free.

And I don't say it because of us.. I say because to put your mental focus in the right direction.

I was like you, I was afraid of success, I'd self-sabotage it in a bunch of ways until one day...


And from that day forward, I'd do what it takes, I'd write on a piece of paper...

I could not be for example in crypto trading and not follow Blockchain Whispers precisely.

Follow it on paper... then decide if you are going to trade based on it or not. Are you going to use it just for the direction or for price points or both or nothing.

And it has nothing to do with whether you trust me or like me.

I might think CZ of Binance is annoying or that he is a nice guy, it doesn't change the fact that he fucking can move the price and make the impact, so following is a must.

Guys ask me why premium never has discounts?  Because it's designed to move you into higher areas of respect, success and profits.  And that starts with your mentality.

Multiplying $100 gets you only to $300... $500... $600 - and at the end of the day you can spend it all on one hot chick, not even sure it will last you for a night.

On the other hand, multiplying $10,000 gets you $30,000... $50,000... $60,000

And with that you can do things in your life.

And it is not that I say you have to be a billionaire, but if you want to tell me that maximum you can invest in yourself is $100, then you're an ignorant liar. Wherever in the world you are.

You can earn. You can work extra work. You can help others for money... and then when you get $1000 you can enter, then you can top up on every move... and in no time you are at $10,000

buying a bitcoin for $6,000 in itself will make you at least $30,000 or $60,000 within 2-3 years.

You just have to have a goal, because this message, only idiots will hate me for, and some, who I help, will forever remember this moment as the moment D man helped you change your thinking and become successful, rich (inside and outside) and fucking happy.

Take a look here at the call we made:

for FREE.

First of all, you must get one thing, I don't owe anything to society. And I for sure don't owe anything to you. When I do this, I do it because I like to help and I like to filter out those successful individuals who see gem in my messages, and just need that little push to get going and get themselves, their families a bunch of wealth and success along the way.

For others - I don't give a fuck.

I LOVE my followers. I LOVE my traders. And cheap, ever-complaining, passive guys who never take action intelligently and calmly... I simply pass through not thinking about em.

Because, what can you say to a guy who asks you "wen moon" and never fucking does a trade... and when he does, he goes all in, and when it succeeds he goes all in again until he finally loses, and then, who does he blame?  Himeself?  Nope... he blames you.

For those guys, I can say nothing nice.

And still yet, here I am writing to all of them, 'hoping' some will be self critical enough and realize they missed something.

You MUST, absolutely MUST, if you are serious about any trading except long term holding... you must follow the important price-affecting channels and sources of info.

If you are serious about trading and have over 1btc, you should fucking be in Blockchain Whispers Premium.

If you are under 1 btc... you must be in Blockchain Whispers free.

You don't have to trade it, but you have to take our signals into account, as Blockchain Whispers is designed to give you an EDGE... to those who follow, and what it means for the others... exactly!

Those who don't follow are at DISadvantage.

What do you think?

Comment, attack me if I'm wrong. Support me if I'm right. Time to get you ready for the bullish move that ... But hey, twitter guys signal the big catastrophic dip... 

if you listen to me, again, for who know which time, I'll tell you where we are going. Not with CERTAINTY, but with high enough odds that give you an EDGE versus the public.

And yes, this is public, but my writing, my love for big boobs and amount of intelligence and logic and even time required for you to read my post is just too great for an average twitter noob.

Also, you are an early adopter, still most people have no fucking clue about some semi-secret page at Blockchain Whispers that under tools and under the name of 'calculator' made more gains than all top tradingview traders combined.

What do you think? Too aggressive piece? Or am I right?

Comment here.

And you know, I was born with tough love... and I never complained, I was always grateful, because... it is not an enemy one who gives a kid vegetables against kid's wishes... and it's not neccessarily a friend one who gives candies to a baby.

I could have told you many compliments, but what for... it wouldn't get you moving. Let's be systematic and know one day that Blockchain Whispers followers made more money than any and all others combined!



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2 years ago ago
Thank you D man my portfolio is 0.005 but after your call it's now in 0.025 thank you for giving the free call maybe in future I will join in your channel
2 years ago ago
How i can get free signal because i dont have enough btc in my wallet.
Once i will earn some i will pay u if is it ok 
2 years ago ago
Hey, to see the free signals, go to TOOLS, click on Bitmex Calculator and scroll down a little bit. There you will find them. 
2 years ago ago
thank you brother for all your hard work. 
2 years ago ago
Thank you brother for all your hard work
2 years ago ago
I had enough not following the signals and watching others making money for months before following free signals. Then I had enough just following free signals making small money and losing money from not properly entering, putting SL, exiting at wrong time etc before becoming premium. 

Now this HellFire's call make me good profit and I have some alt entered at low price. Great calls and thanks D!
2 years ago ago
Already doubled my portfolio from free calls since May! Just earning til I hit that 1 BTC and can join premium! Great work from D Man and the best team in crypto

-Lord Natashas <3
2 years ago ago
Thank you for sharing this signal with the public