Your Portfolio:

Once ELEC gets to 100 mil marketcap and I don't see you in Premium, then your math is really not...

good... Even my competitors are in Premium, everybody in premium - and I have to solve one riddle...

I can't just decide who is better

Mr. Y - my top analyst - a brilliant always-accurate beast that got you

-- ahead of time or

MR. X - my low cap, gem finder who got you
Kiber Network (now 132%)
Sophia (around the same)
BLN (732%)
and stuff I don't recall
- pretty much 95% accurate, but even higher gains than Mr Y - so for 5% accuracy suffer (which is like a king standard), he gets shitload of super high gains

And then there is me with
Pundi, DBC, Insiders that only we can get

And then there are other occasional traders.

EXCAVO just showed us 90% accuracy in last month,...

Our other traders getting us up to date with stuff too.. I mean guys, you see what we are doing at Blockchain Whispers? Competing against each other to make sure we stay on top - faar faar faar like on another planet compared to any other channel. And I am glad you appreciate it.

Kibernetwork did good gains, sophia did, all calls you got here did great gains, go reward yourself. Crypto will be here when you return - do something nice for yourself. Cheers!