Okay, okay, you've been good folks - Another pick, 1-15 days hold comes for you from our new TA -...

waiting to confirm it - as I need to be careful what I post here - 21 wins in a row, but if one gets shaky, you all get shaky :)

By the way -- the good news - competitors (some are good so kudos), but some lowlifes started talking shit - msging guys in private etc. For that - I'm telling you NOW - in advance - it will go more the stronger we are.

Yes there are scam groups out there, yes there are bullshit channels, but ours is legit as you can see if you trust your own eyes.

You get a call and you see this call was profitable, then another then another.

Just go see this channel history.

Some bitched about us deleting posts - I explained - I delete posts that are like this - chit chat, or repeat things so the channel remains cleaner. Majority of visits happens in the first hour anyway.


I have an OPEN discussion channel where all of you can comment. I delete out links, memes, bullshit etc - but the rest is free and our admins are volounteers who support the community.


Some idiots say there is no premium group
- well you do the math - if I can post picks here, do you really think I would risk our business by not making a premium channel and post better, sooner, stronger picks there?

And finally...

who contacts me asking to "prove" myself, is forbidden from joining premium group at all.
If this channel and all the homework you can do on us isn't enough for you - trust me, I don't want to have you in the Premium group.

The price for premium will increase again - not now - not yet, but we are adding team and investing in the calls and analysis you get. If you wish to join contact @cryptoalfred

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