Okay, I am so excited about this gem: You know I hire top traders. On top of the tops is my...

analyst. He got us publicly Ziliqua ahead of time, he got us ONT, ENG,... and see them all now!

He is down to earth, very. And when he tells me that he sees this thing from $x (won't give the exact range so you con't search for the coin) to x3 very soon (note he is not a trader)... and 'very likely' x8 by the end of the year!!! I am excited like a kid before birthday.

Yes, I know many people talk about x100 coins, but where are they now these guys - back in 2017 talking about how it was good before cellphones were invented.

Guys - this is the FIRST coin he calls a gem this year!

And fundamentals all looks exceptionally good!

Right now I gave it to my Lions because this is what they are paying me 2 btc a month for. When you get this pick... all I want from you is that you remember later who gave it to you. That you know this is because I trusted D man, because I got balls and invested in Blockchain Whispers Premium, okay?

You will get it within about 24hrs, enough time for all new members to join in...

You won't lose a bit until that time because this is not best time to buy the coin based on charts - I just bought because I didn't want to see myself missing this one. When btc dips it should dip too, and might present even better buying opp, so by not revealing it to you, I'm saving you from your own emotions most likely :)

Stay tuned, and welcome - a bunch of premium members informed me how early they repaid their premium membership (see in the free channel the screenshots)... this one is not a fast one, this one is to make a history, it's designed to be the first call for new Lions too to repay their 2btc membership, so you know the power. You're in good hands.

Thank you.

Once the Premium bot announces the pick, I'll tell you here it was sent so you know your bot is working fine. Cheers!

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