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Okay guys - I am not going to apologize for sending fake signals to the leakers. Those guys went...

for fake bag, fake rolex, so they get dont-want-to-offend-any-nation so let's say penguin-quality instead of Swiss quality.

Leakers I don't just kick out - I charge them, make them pay and then I keep them, they get a mix of good and bad signals, they get good signals late, and near the end of journey they get a total wrecks.

There will be always leakers, but as soon as they become threat, they will not be removed before they get burned. So your call whether you go for genuine diamond Rolex or for a fake circon one.

I personally, would rather be without watch than to have one that can just embarrass me. But it's up to you to to the call.

I know leakers names, street addresses, pictures, occupations - because you do see I have the drive, and I am not cheap to spend money to get shit sorted out.

Leakers though I was saying this info just to scare you away, until they noticed it is real. The last ones even publically acknowledged it (credos to them) - see for yourself: