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Okay, although I'm proud we reached 6xxx levels I predicted, I know a lot of you are waiting on my...

btc update... 6k levels are still attractive. Although I put my tether in bnb - simply because I think it won't drop faster than the bnb will spike, and if it spikes, it will be hard to rebuy with tether then. No updates now from me because I don't have a conclusion. And I only post when I have something that gives you an EDGE.

Our lab looks like this at the moment (dirty version): we see 7500 level as next bigger stop, we see divided public between up and down, whales we have no clue at the moment what they want to do, and we are protecting ourselves against the danger of btc rising. Consider bnb instead of tether. It's a weird call because BNB will fall if btc falls, but also I expect it to recover quickly in the next 10 days so that it makes our best holding now.

This time I cannot give more conclusive image, but I want to update you. What to do now depends on you. Do you believe in Bitcoin?
I fuck tether! Rather let's make smarter trades to outrun even the bad current.