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Okay, about the call - three things: 1) You will get the CHART and on top left you will see the...

coin name (so we fuck up the play of some people waiting here with bots who want to pump the price)
2) I will show you the pattern, one of strongest, and why we are buying
3) Our esteemed ZRX coin is for example one of first coinbase additions and already that is accounted in its price, but this coin is one of the three further down the road which have that yet to be accounted for.
4) If the price pumps too much (see the chart), don't buy, wait for settling
5) There is no sell order, you'll see the pattern, and where to sell... I expect within two weeks this coin to explode (not two hours!) so no fomo, no crazy

Invest only if you agree with it. I am strongly anti pump and dump, that's why I am happy this is the coin that is one of top biggest coins, and most tolerant to pumps...

The next message will be the call in the image, after that the pattern so you understand why. Wanted to explain the coinbase thing in advance.