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Ok here's the cookie — as part of Premium Funding Your Stripper Program first call was ZIL, all...

targets reached, second call is still secret and third calll is fuel — they got it yesterday and it's still in the buy zone so if you're wild beast that can't be at peace for long, you can get some fuel within this area 980 to 1050 now it is 1030 it goes up and down... it is on Binance. The breakout is expected within 3 days. Sell at 1230 — there are two fuel tickers - this one is Etherparty.

Full disclaimer — when I gave the free group Funding Your Stripper five calls, I gave them for free, and nobody else got them, not premiums or anybody else. Four are still active and in play. One yielded you already about 25% - 35% profit. This call Premiums got yesterday, but since the price is still within the buy zone, I figured I'd rather have you profit on this one than some stranger — cards open, in crypto always someone invests somewhere, the only thing you should look at is whether the price is good for buying and is it going up. This call will take maximum of 1 month to realize. Expected is to start within 3 days. Enjoy.