Ok, after the walk, I decided the following changes in Blockchain Whispers to address the rapid...

growth and changed buying power.

First, free group cannot have short term trades anymore. It's impossible.

I know there are 100k channels out there but they are 50-50 in terms of accuracy. I want to remain in 96-98%+ range!

So, this must be changed.

Lions and Premiums will continue getting the trades, and although I have seen Lions cannot affect premiums, because Lions are really savvy, mostly experienced traders, Premiums are big and shit can happen, someone buys early, too high - the price goes nuts.

So, Lions are getting different calls and when they do get Premium's it's usually when the gem like HPB is discovered and they buy in carefully so that the Premiums get it at exactly the same price (HPB the price remained the same to the cent!)

Speaking of gems...

To the free channel, I was thinking what I can do to keep it the most valuable, the most accurate free telegram channel in the world.

Here are my findings:
1) I can share intel before time (fight for news) - so you get before big news sites even publish.
2) I can share longer than a week analyis on everything. (Btc is still bearish on a weekly)
3) I can share big warning on btc (after Premium members were informed and with time advantage of at least 5 minutes regardless how urgent it is), but not trades - zero short term trades advised.

The problem happened because I made to this big, loyal following group a CLEAR short-term signal. Clear signal to go down with btc, and we fucked all the charts and all, we changed the odds.

4) Gems, I can give you our strongest edge - our analysis - long term stuff. A couple days after Premium, or even weeks if still in play. And not all. (gem is a coin that is undervalued, that has strong foundamentals and that others would give ass to get - I'm basically giving you what is designed to make you money, for free)
5) Trading insiders must be shared with Lions first. And sensitive ones with Lions only.

My goal with the free group is to: profit faster than bitcoin with our gems, intel, analysis...
My goal for the Premium group: to profit from trading like crazy (+ zero day gems and intel)
My goal for Lions: to have a family-like environment where I can share the amazing things I can't share elsewhere, that are not always politically correct, trades that are adjusted for big cap traders, and that the Lions get elite of the elite regarding calls. Public or not, they don't get many, they get selected calls. It's easy to make many calls, it's my goal to make those that matter!

Your Edge To The World

Free group
You know who you listen to and that's your biggest edge - because on the internet you'll find many pieces of intel, we will now use our reach to our advantage (as opposed to the advantage of institutional traders), and we will announce here

1) long term gems and 2) help those under the radar get on the radar
You'll get ground-zero first-news about exclusive things that we proved we can get in the past. The stuff Blockchain Whispers get, nobody else gets.

At the moment due to our popularity and becoming self-fulfilling prophacy, I'm even afraid to give you big exchange listing coins, but at the same time, I know ELA and DBC for example, there is very little odds they will cancel listing it just because I mentioned it, they can prolong it though.

That's why some things I'll hide within the text so only my most loyal identify.

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