Your Portfolio:

Notice I intentionally, always, underpromise because I don't want idiots joining screaming "wen...

moon, wat lambo". I want well educated, down to earth guys like you and me succeeding because we think there is money for everyone once it's not in the hands of big banks with licence to print it at their own convenience.

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If you have under 0.5 btc portfolio, do not join, instead consider learning and earning more before you enter the world of investing. If I'd have 0.5, I'd put 1/3 in zrx 1/3 in btc and 1/3 in one other project I like and support.

If you have over 0.5 and want to make serious stuff from crypto, you're ready to do what it takes, then it's no-brainer to join Blockchain Whispers Premium Channel. Without it it's like you're a deaf man in a shootout. You can do fine, but little clues as to where someone is, steps,... orientation is taken away from you.

You know I care for the free channel. You bet your ass I'll care for you in Premium as well. With the top trading team, team that LIVES crypto, you cannot go wrong. Heck, it's more expensive to go wrong and invest in... what was popular back then, Litecoin and hold it when we did Pundi... and that's only if you did an ok choice... if you went fully moronic - and invested in some shit coin that plummeted — say you did -80% and we did + 1000% on pundi. It's your $1000 became $200 and Blockchain Whispers Family Member (your smart alter ego) invested the same $1000 and got $10,000... $200 compared to $10,000 — on just one trade, in just under three months, in a very realistic scenario. In my opinion, you are way safer with Premium membership and you're way smarter... and thus.... it becomes way cheaper than the alternative of being in the dark.

You made the first step, by joining this first channel, and you already see it if you go and compare any other free channel out there with this one in amount of value, care, education it gives... now if you're ready to turn pro, this is an essential tool to add in your arsenal. @bwregisterbot to register @cryptokanik for support

Thank you,