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New: Onboarding Our First Leaderboard-Level Trader

New: Onboarding Our First Leaderboard-Level Trader

Do you know what Bitmex Leaderboard Is?

It ranks the MOST successful, no-bs traders out there.


I am proud to join, announce and get on board Cartel B

Due to fees, privacy, and the value of this trader (he is one of top gainers %-wise that I have heard of this year and have seen proofs!)... only some demo-calls will be shared here.

We discussed the markets, as he did shitload of gains through superior analysis in 2017 and moved to bitmex on time this year with the start of the bear market.  

he did some 300x+ coins and he didn't do many losses.  That is in 2017.

I asked if he believes there is any coin that will do 100x in this market, if we will even see it and he shared one he strongly believes will do 20-25x.  I will share it in Premium

Most, and top calls will be shared in Premium only as part of the arrangement.


However, for start, he is eager to build his reputation now that his pseudonym is new, and with zero prior history... so really, monitor the calls... here