The Most Important Trading Lesson You WIll Never Learn

D Man's School Of Crypto

"But D, what is the Most valuable lesson you can share with me for trading?"

This question, I cannot answer without disappointing you.

The answer will not be what you WANT to hear.

It will be what you NEED.

This lesson is so powerful that, if we put it in comparison, a $4999 7-day TA course is weak bs compared to it.

Now, I enjoy writing this, because the more you appreciate ME, the more you will get positive, beneficial effect from this lesson.. because... you guessed it...

You won't pay for it!

So the more you appreciate and value Blockchain Whispers and your D Man, the more this lesson will get stuck in you, and designed to make you wonderful, wonderful enriching profits OVERALL.

Money Management

People fail to realize, money management is everything.

It is not something. It is not a part, a basics, a side info you hear while chasing to learn patterns.

Money Management IS EVERYTHING.

On a 50-50 coin flip trading, you can be profitable with proper money management!

On a 90-10 accurate trading you can lose all with bad money management!

Should I convince further?

A good friend of mine came from 0.05 to over 160btc in 8 months. A badass trader before new round of MEX manipulation and shit... Badass... but his money management consisted of either going all in or 33% in.

Eventually, all it took was... ONE trade to go sideways to have him liquidate 160 btc as if they never existed.

Be honest, how many times it has happened to you? That you go idiotic after a losing trade, trying to fix it.

How many times it's happened to you that you don't follow your own strategy?


90%+ chance that you, yes YOU can do it.

You need just Blockchain Whispers, time and get ready... DISCIPLINE.

How To Make Million Dollars This Year In Crypto

Read this article.

Yes, you - a millionaire. Or multimillionaire.

Let it fucking sink in.

All tools you need are at your disposal except...


Money, truly doesn't fall from the trees. You need to put in the work.
The smarter you work, the less you have to work. But you need to work.

If you take a disciplined approach into following my 6% per week plan, with

10k account you make $200k+ in ONE YEAR.

But D I don't have 10k, I hear you crying.

What about 1k? Even if you don't have it you can go and fucking earn it.

1k in three years gets you to... are you fucking ready?


Don't believe me? Check it - add every week 6% for 3 years.

But most people won't do it. Because it requires discipline.

The Proper Money Management

Rule of D Man: Make your investment size so small, that you sleep comfortably at night, that you don't feel the pain if it hits your stop... and so big that you don't forget about the open position the other day.

For some people it is 1%.
For some 5%.

For nobody it is 50%.

It's like going into war with just 2 bullets. Stress of missing actually boosts your chances of missing. Makes sense?

Money management in crypto and in forex is EVERYTHING.

It's more important than being right.
It's more important than trading often.
It's more important than getting tops and bottoms.

Yet, it's so unattractive, so boring topic that you need someone like me who will tell you what you need to know regardless.


How do you manage money in crypto?

For the first month, invest only 1% per trade. Put stops in every trade, and tp in every trade. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ONCE THE TRADE IS LIVE. 

- regardless of the sentiment change...
- regardless if your best friend, out-of-this-world-trader tells you to go opposite.

What you'll achieve with this?
1) You'll learn to appreciate and understand volatility.
2) you'll reduce stress by jerking it on the move
3) You'll realize how many actual gains you cut out before by being too impatient and too tense.

For the first month, if you are actually a hard learner, you can do the following:

Don't trade leverage, but alts for example - top 100 alts.

Don't listen to ANY advice, don't draw ANY lines on the chart - you can take random entries as long as your stop is at the same distance from the entry and it is not more than 10% gains/loss.

You will not win this month. And the odds are you will lose way more than your previous month.

The next month, do the same, just trying to boost your accuracy by learning trades, or copying trades (the most accurate crypto signals are definitely here - in our premium members area. High recommendation!)

Then the third month, try chasing trades with stop being at least 2x closer than the target. Warning: this fucks up so many traders - they put stops too close and think they are smart, and they get stopped out and see their thing reaching the target. The fine balance is here. In Premium I give you best stops for that setup.

The more you learn, the easier you can take it - make your investment even 5% or higher... BUT the moment you feel you're gambling again, just go back to the original month training. You will hate it so much that you'll remember it. And once you do, you'll have EVERYTHING it takes to make riches in crypto.

Bear market or bull.


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1 year ago ago
Thank you so much!
1 year ago ago
Money Management IS Everything. Put emotions out of investment. The reason why 90% loose money. Another Gem. Would be sharing this article with my network. It would be unfair to not do that.
1 year ago ago
@All. Do follow up this article with the The Secret Of 6%. (link included in this article) Remember it's easier (much better probability) to get many 6% & build it up to a million than wait for a 10x.
1 year ago ago
well said, and of course i learned this the hardway. but whatever, hardway is a way too, just little bit more painful, but the point is to learn from your mistakes ans don't repeat them
1 year ago ago
D, you can tell thnigs in words i never was able to learn to others! Thank you so much!
1 year ago ago
Amen, brother! 100% true.
1 year ago ago
Great stuff! So true and yet so seldom followed.
1 year ago ago
just go al in with 2-3x WHEN the trade comes of +-80% sure like Tone Vays. You better take a couple of trades per year this way and make a nice profit then with 1% bc 1% of 10k you haven othing and aftera year you have also nothing. I have followed this rule and does not work bc 1-5% capital is nothing and take years. So I reserach and research and follow the best people I can and with Sierra you can see how 95% of institutions trade and when this entry comes, then you are 80% sure bc you can see the buying/sell vs retailvs instututions and yu have the REKT zones and now I'm 0.15btc up with a 1btc account in two days...