Mid-Term Crypto Outlook (Mid Jan - Mid March 2019

We are at a crossroad here. ETH leading the way.

I think now is the race which major news comes first.

Bearish one takes ether to yearly lows, bitcoin dipping... everything following.

I think we will know when the bear time is over after the imminent next bear move. We need to make a new low. ETH structure has just broken. I don't know how much the news in Friday can make people bullish. 

Best case - they have a new date for Constantinopole and it is very near and it is mild bullish.

Neutral case - they don't have anything super near to it and it's bearish and

worst case - they have a problem and it all dips

As you see there is even neutral case bearish, which gives us two to one for new bearish outlook.

Charts show 152 and 207 that remain to be touched, but that can wait, especially because many chart guys expect it.

I'd say, you have in my previous post the general yearly outlook to bitcoin, long term perspective. It is super bullish. This however, midterm I'd say is bearish. There is not enough violence in this up move for me to call this as the bull run.

Be careful. 

One possibility is that 2019 becomes a ranging year where nothing happens, but I actually don't believe that. I think 2019 will become the year of some major moves, just gives us time to prepare. I will share the summary I shared with premium members: two forces (not even institutions), Russia and US are working on their own to prepare crypto for the masses. They are not ignorant anymore. It just gave us the sign it is legit. We are the smart money. Stupid money will have their sign once they make it official. We know it now. So what we do?

You got it! I'm so proud of you learning here at Blockchain Whispers - we wait for the dip to buy, and then we use stupid money to propel it higher once it's official and then we sell it when stupid money thinks there is no ending.

We then buy on the dip, and hold... because we believe in btc.

Fit entertaining Natashas baby!

P.S. For now we are still tapping a bit in the dark, but Blockchain Whispers 2.0 (released very soon!) will get you more timely precision you need to profit in these times.

P.P.S. And why Russia and US? Remember before it was China that was leading the way in crypto? Alright a brief history... first it was Satoshi dream.... $1 bitcoins among enthusiasts. Then came the black market money... it propelled it to $500. Then came China grey economy it took it from $500 to $1800 then mass hysteria came and made a baloon to $19,700... now it has to go down to where it started to keep its natural growth. Baloon guys are out, weak hands left... and now the good old Cold War resumes - Russia vs US - race in crypto. Why Russia? Because, besides China (that we thank for bringing BTC on the radars), is one of the very few remaining forces that don't give a fuck about the US, which puts slight pressure on the US to not just bury crypto. We have Russia legitimizing crypto (it fights their own banking bans put by the US)... and US with preparing institutional money ETF, Bakkt and stuff.. the good news for us is - ANY, we can't care less - Russia or US any of those two, whichever first approves crypto in any official way - the bull run starts and it doesn't end until way past the all time highs. For that you will be ready, especially with Blockchain Whispers 2.0 - you will know it real time.

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1 year ago ago
Exactly, Dman. BTC needs to come down to where it has legs to stand on. One more big dump, soon. Then, timing will be perfect for FOMO.
1 year ago ago
I was stupid money to Now... I have new money on the side line waiting for the dip Thanx D
1 year ago ago
BCW 2.0 can´t wait! Thank you D Man!