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Merry Christmas To You And Your Families - Regardless Of Religion

I am fortunate to have followers from many religions, continents and cultures.

When I wish you a Merry Christmas from my heart and from the entire Blockchain Whispers team... it means I wish you to spend time with your loved ones. To be with family. To show them you love them. And if you say you don't have a family, that is a lie because everyone has that special someone, related or unrelated that is their true family.

If you are fortunate to have your own family - it's time to take a break from the Gold Rush and show them you love them. Because what's the point of having all the money in the world if you don't have who to spend it with?

And you have to do it often. You have to have at least 4-6 'Christmases' every year. Sometimes if you got in a fight with someone it's a wonderful opportunity to say "I am sorry" or "I forgive you" or just hug them or call them. Don't be too proud. Ego doesn't do much good to us.

Much love,


Blockchain Whispers team!

ho ho ho (and this time I don't talk about hoes)




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2m ago
Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, Dman.    Thank you for the pep talks, the reality talks, and for the freebies a while back that taught me to trade with calm, patience, and allowed me to trust myself.   
I know this may not sound Christmasy but, the BTC 50 & 100 may be about to cross.    I guess if you're shorting, a Christmas encore maybe about to begin.  Not advising.   Watch the chart.
  • 20
2m ago
Merry Christmas Mr. D. Wish you have a wonderful Christmas 
  • 48
2m ago
Merry Christmas everyone .)
  • 108
2m ago
Merry Christmas Boss! D Man and Team! Wish you the best! Thank you forever!
  • 96
2m ago
Cheers guys! 
  • 88
2m ago
Merry Christmas D.
  • 32
2m ago
Merry Christmas Brother 
  • 73
2m ago
Merry Christmas good people!
cheers to the team!
love to everyone!
  • 371
2m ago
Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten D-Man

Thanks for everything and specially for sticking to your believes even through the hardest times.
But hard times only for people that do not know and do not understand how markets work and new markets get created and specially hard for people like you that truely from their heart want to bring success to others and try to teach and make them understand.
Enjoy these days, even though crypto never sleeps and also I at least observe through my : handy in case I have to move a sell or buy order. In good german we say: Halt die Ohren steif
  • 54
2m ago
Merry xmass broosss
  • 219
2m ago
Merry Christmas Dman(our Santa claus)  and all my friends...
  • 232
2m ago
Well said D man
  • 167
2m ago
Merry Christmas Dman! Enjoy!