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Market Still Bearish

Our Tight Stop at 6690 (6720 Binance) hasn't been reached, meaning we are still in our very bearish channel.

Now, you can get access to premium through this website, click simply on the "signals" tab above on this page and you can automatically enroll.

Inside if you join today you will find why after almost six months of no ICOs, I have recommended one ICO that:

  • Has a very small pre-sale allocation made for Blockchain Whispers followers with extra tokens granted.
  • Has (listen now) partnerships in progress and forming and open communication and endorsements from: Coinbase, Augur, ties to Goldmans Sachs, Melonport, MakerDAO, ETHLend, district0x, Chainlink,...
  • Joey Krug believes their protocol to be superior to the competition, 
  • it's working!

And all this while in ico phase and market cap of UNDER 8 mil.

Now, compare that with shitty icos that got over 100 mil without working product, partnerships or anything else + we get a special link and our edge.

You will also find one big cap coin posted today that should do easy 10%-15% in the following days.

And soon, when the moment is right you will find the only coind besides pundi, that I believe will do 20x that is a good buy this year.