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Market Prediction: Zilliqa is one of the first and surely the most evolved so far Blockchain...

Projects to solve the biggest issue in public Blockchains - Scalability.
in times where Crypto Kitties clogg half of the Ethereum Network Scalability is the most important point in this Technology.
Zilliqa provides a solution without sacrificing Security or Decentralisation.

with Ethereum months away with Casper PoS and Proof of Stake has slight security concers i see Zilliqa growing to height.
Plattform coins do well nowadays, when we look at ICX, Cardano,EOS...
They have all multi-billion Marketcaps and have not many to show for.
A Marketcap of 6-7 Billion for Zilliqa in the summer is plausible, this would put the price of 1 ZIL = 1$..
Unless there is a black swan event occuring i can't see this thing not beeing in the Top20.
I strongly advise to sell short time before Mainnet Launch, because of ZIL-inflation through Mining (starts with low difficulty).
best regards

because it was born in the bear market there is not much exposure.. very few people are aware of this for now.
this will change when Binance lists Zilliqa and when they go to Testnet 0.1.5"