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Many ask me about that news about cartel - first it was written some time ago and then I read it -...

it is semi-true, bitcoin price is not manipulated fully by anyone yet because they fucked up - they didn't know bitcoin will rise this fast so the main players are true holders and believers - of course they are now getting more and more momentum and getting more bitcoins to manipulate it and we see it this year, institutions + government + banking lobbys (cartel) - the black trio for btc. However, I personally believe they are in for a surprise, people had enough of oppression and being fucked in the ass... if this 'revolution' for free money and private spending doesn't go well - then we have our next chance in about 15 years from now... so I hope it goes well.

And about me?

I don't worry about btc that much. I decided when entering this space, I am all-in, so I am not making plans b for crypto collapse... but I'll be multiplying bitcoins even if it reaches $500 ;) Might not be best strategy, but for you to have someone this devoted in your corner, can only give you stronger insights - and you then decide based on your math and beliefs what to do.

I have a full belief btc will recover - and notice - I, the most profitable trader of all - with public demonstrations - what you notice in my calls lately?

When everyone was bullish, I was bearish.
When everyone bearish, I am bullish.

The biggest profits are - when you catch them off guard.

Thank you for following


P.S. I still see it more down, but then I see the recovery, not the collapse. It going up so fast that you'll wonder if it's escaping a fired bullet...