Your Portfolio:

Little channel some in the universe of channels, youtube stuff, twitters, fame-whores,... announces...

insider after insider... well... I am happy to get you to outprofit those who follow those who start their youtube videos with their face full of makeup and sentence: "hey guys..."

Traders trade, spartan style. No time for spotlights... You're free.

This is your blueprint to make money:

Step 1 - go alone until you get an edge - you against the world... if you don't succeed nothing matters...
Step 2 - give value and find people to help you grow
Step 3 - Profit
Step 4 - Do good to those who aren't as fortunate as you
Step 5 - invite strippers, Natashas and Party!

Note - there is no high pitched voice saying "hey guys" and making a bullshit yt video... by the time he is finished recording, my guys have already made the trade.

Sparta 10 - pussies 0