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Lightning capacity reaches 100 BTC, IBM & Stellar launched "Blockchain World Wire", Bittrex delists Bitcoin Gold and the death of ShapeShift

Lightning Network achieves a new milestone

Bitcoin's Lightning Network has now processed a total of 101.7 BTC. The network is bigger as ever and continuously growing, with now over 3350 nodes and over 12 000 channels. Over the last 30 days, Number of channels grew by 7%, capacity by 4% and the node count increased by more than 11%.

Bittrex delists Bitcoin Gold this month

The decision was made in the aftermath of the BTG-hacking attack in May, where malicious actors controlled more than 51% of the hashpower and executed a double-spending attack. With such an attack, the entity who controls the majority of hashpower can spend specific coins twice. The hackers explicitly targeted exchanges and stole 18 million USD. 

IBM launched "Blockchain Word Wire"

The payment processing system is powered by Stellar's blockchain and will be used to "simultaneously clear and settle cross-border payments in near real-time", which means that banking intermediaries are not necessary. They are substituted by the possibility to send digital assets through a distributed network with few validator nodes. 

The death of ShapeShift

The popular Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift was widely popular for the fact that users didn't need to open an account. The system worked by changing one currency that was sent to them into another one and then sent the desired currency back to the user. Now they have launched a new membership program that will eventually become mandatory for its users. 
"Membership is, in essence, an advanced loyalty program. It will lead over time both to better pricing and a superior user experience," stated CEO Erik Voorhees. The new feature will start as a loyalty program, users get rewarded with discounts on exchange rates, volume-based rewards for transacting with the FOX token and higher transaction limits for allowing ShapeShift to collect their personal data. This marks the first step of a paradigm shift, away from its "exchange without accounts" model.