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Let me write a quick guide for beginners to investing: To do so - you need to get this brief...


For the last month and half I am awake in all timezones. I had nights when every 2 hours I was awake, etc and now also my sleeps are at least divided into 3 parts.


Because I'm one of the category 0 traders - day traders!

And I'm pissed when I miss the confirmation.

There is other category 1 - part day traders - guys who sleep, do their personal life, stuff like that and when they are online, they trade all, and then they setup sell orders. This is actually one of LEAST profitable categories - and yet most newbies fall into this category.

The much more profitable category for a newbie is Category 2 - mid range aggressive trading - dividing your portfolio to just 3 or 4, doing your homework, once the breakout is confirmed, make sure you have some extra good news just in case and bam - put it in.

Category 3 is not active professional also - he knows the market, he knows where he is investing in, but doesn't have time to monitor it daily.

The only category recommended for newbies is category 2 - then it's 3 then it's 0 - category 1 is LEAST profitable and yet 80%+ newbies do exactly that!

Why am I awake in all timezones? I have analysts from around the world - they get me data - for example NEO having news (Yesterday: Binance will support ONT airdrop of NEO - we must look at the chart as well - so TA will get me confirmation on entry and breakout points while other guy gets me the news - in this case not even my guy but my friend also a great investor himself - what happened then - we signalled a buy) - if I'm not awake - just news or just chart isn't enough to give to Lions for example who are fast trading.

Sell signal came purely from charts - why? Because to sell a spike - chart is all you need. For that - to catch it all - I know I need to be awake. So you need to have a chat with yourself:

"What level of a trader I truly am?" - and make sure you're not in the least profitable category. If you are, adjust.

You're welcome!