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Just to inform you -- I'm proud - in what my test pilot project "D-man's Lions" is doing - we...

started on 22nd Feb - we are already 100% up. Guys are due to sleeping etc catching about 60% of the calls, and getting in tune. The avg investment size is 1/5 for now to be increased as they tune in. I am communicating with them constantly to fix my mistakes - like forgetting their portfolio etc - so that once the launch is official - it is ready. Most of the coins were big cap except pundi x which now we have to fucking hold onto for a while... It is for guys with over 10btc - and the price is 2btc monthly once it launches. For now I am accepting the waitlist with a security deposit because we will be adding 5 guys at a time until 100% tuned in.

Everybody will benefit from this because I will learn how to give you signals not only that are accurate for what I've proven I am good so far, but that you are in fact acting on them, and that your bottom line changes if the experiment ends successfully.