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Just to clarify for those who can't read — this is NOT a free offer. I would never prostitute...

price of Premium membership. I don't even discount premium memberships except in rare cases (like team members, etc. - yes they pay too!).

This is the current amazing happening that's going on in our premium channel - we froze memberships so they are not expiring in these bearish bullshit times, but I want you to be able to profit and easily afford premium membership out of profits.

That is why, until btc is $10k or we get a serious kickass badass streak - we manage to trade in these times, the membership is not expiring.

Thank you. Just a couple more hours - before the offer is gone and you're locked out. I hope to see you inside, and that we fight this war together, as a family, sticking together and not renewing until it's celebration time!