Just note: I am one of the biggest claimers against the pump and dump, I advise everyone to buy...

slowly whenever possible, or to buy fast and be ahead of the curve... this is not that D man is giving you a calls so you 'help' the premiums - as you see from the vote they really don't want to share it with you, but I explained, it is good for everyone... if they would dump on you, they would profit like 10%... but if they keep it - they profit 300%, and you profit 290% -- I think it's much love sharing here, just to stop some bad mouths with full disclosure ahead of time, because this - this is Premium guys showing you true love - they decided to give you. They did. They put their money for our analysts to find this, and then THEY said, yes, let's share it with our crypto family in free channel. You don't like it? You have full disclosure - you can just skip it and continue with your life... but let me tell you this... don't you think binance guys put something of their personal funds prior to listing? And does it still rocket? Yes it does!

So unless you're fully grateful and proud of Premiums who allowed me to share this with you - don't be here at 11am est.


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