The Signs Are Everywhere: Institutions Are Entering Crypto

They are smart. They need quiet times. They need to have willing sellers. And how do they achieve that?

First step, they bring the ability to short or bet against the asset. This happened late December / early January 2018.  Bitcoin started crashing since then.

But as you see, the amount of holders is longer than ever.

There are only weak hands who sold. Weak by the definition of David and Goliath... Banks have money and almost infinite patience... while us... regular guys have to feed ourselves and support single moms while dancing :)

But there is one hint that gives it all away.

Institutions are preparing to enter in crypto big time, and then, it will all happen at once and make:

The Final Bull Run!

Starbucks making partnerships, Pornhub accepting crypto, Bakkt smartly delaying although they seem ready... most important mass-scale adoption bitcoin Layer2 developments are scheduled for this year... and on Jan 14th 2019 the major Swiss bank Vontobel has launched the crypto custody tools for banks and financial institutions.

We talk about multi-billion dollar guys.


And what about Bitmain?


These guys became dinosaurs... they failed to evolve on time. Yes, Bitcoin worked for 10 years based on principle of buy or sell, without 'betting against'... and now they couldn't evolve with the trend. It hurt us all, but major slow institutions, funds, etc, went completely flat.

Bitmain changed Jihan Wu as CEO. I consider it a good news as he supported Bitcoin Cash that added fuel to this fire that got Bitcoin down from 62xx levels.

New miners, new companies will enter, allowing better, more friendly solutions. Bitcoin Cash is now dead, regardless of the charts - it is left with no competitive advantage and destined to keep on falling or growing slower than their competitors.

Remember, institutions buy when the things are quiet, and down - like these times. Yearly low in 2018 is at all time high for Bitcoin. That tells us, the holders are here, silently accumulating. Are you?

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2 years ago ago
New this day would come. Fuck ya been accumulating. You always said lets make them pay. Well I intend to do just that. I have been hearing a lot of big wigs saying Big money is not going to let small money close the gap between the two. LOL fuck that I will close that gap. Thank you Dman for showing me the way.
2 years ago ago
Here is the reality. Throughout 2019 the stock market will keep rising (thanks to Plunge Protection Team) and just like Gold and Silver prices that will go further down, the BTC will also go down to its lows... I expect it to go to $1850 and then bounce back to about $3K area and will stay there for the rest of 2019. You need to understand who are the players that control BTC... it's the bankers, we do not need institutional money, it's the institutional money that is fucking BTC both ways... it's already here. Talking about Bakkt (or anything BTC settled for that matter) will not happen anytime soon. Mark my words... they will keep delaying it. Now that institutions have the ability to short BTC, it will not see the kind of bull run we saw late 2017. Institutional money will not let it happen, ever. And please stop referring to the previous 2 year BTC market cycles. Things are different since CBOE & CME provided institutions the ability to short BTC with cash-settled contracts (no BTC involved whatsoever = inflation at will, similar to USD). You ask why? Here is why: * BTC is a 'rat poison' for banker rats, so they want to kill it * Bankers control our government, as a matter of fact, Government is an extension of this Bankers cartel so by proxy CFTC, SEC and all other mofo regulatory bodies are bankers... there is a symbiotic relationship between Govt. and Bankers. When bankers kill the means to invest in a better asset (e.g. Cryptos) the stock market goes up, when the stock market goes up Govt.'s tax revenue goes up and Govt. can boast about a good economy. Therefore they will not let the price of BTC go much higher than its mining cost. Plus, now BTC is bankers bitch that they use to hedge their investments in the traditional markets where they rule supreme with almost no competition (high-frequency and insider trading baby...). This might sound harsh and not something we all wanna hear but this is the reality. Buckle up bumpy ride ahead, GTFO while you can.
2 years ago ago
Hate to admit it, but think u have a point
1 year ago ago
What do you think about this theory Dman?
1 year ago ago
Still don't believe me... told ya, no BTC settled ETF will be approved... this has nothing to do with government shut down... it's as obvious as USA liberated Iraq and now Venezuela's turn to be liberated.
1 year ago ago
Your beloved Bakkt is delayed again, now it's late this year... what a fucking joke. Again, these bankers will not help us, so stop begging for 'institutional money'. If history tells us anything... it's that bankers always win! I hope this time it's different but I highly doubt it.