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In The Making Of Glory...

How can you respect a pussy-like undecisive men?

The glory is not for everyone.

Twitter guys want to be celebrities, they pretty much ALL go long... and yet BEFORE it happens, they are weak to make a strong, bold prediction... YET they are the LOUDEST AFTER THE FACT.

It's easy to be general after the battle.  

Very few can react during the battle.

Why do you think people respect me?

Surely not because I write politically correct.

It's because you feel my integrity.

You know exactly where I stand for.  I strive for accuracy. When I get down, I rise up even stronger, now we have traders with an edge... and I let you, my followers benefit from it, publicly, you can see the stats.

Within 8 hrs we expect a dip to 64xx area.

Compare that with twitter "maybe up if bulls this, we see resistance here and there".


Yours one and only,


Blockchain Whispers Baby

Oh yes - the updates follow here:

And by the way some guys ask me do I have a telegram channel now, I don't.  I am partnering in @blockchainwhispersbaby channel so you can follow it as there you can see some top fundamental news BEFORE published on Cointelegraph, Coindesk and such.  Not always, but executive-friendly format is definitely worthy of following.  Cheers!  5660 btc price now.


P.S. Not saying I can't be wrong, I say just that more of the trading leaders need to start talking clearly, so if they want you to follow them, that you also understand them.