In early January 2017, two ambitious young friends had a lengthy discussion about bitcoin and...

altcoins, a relatively unheard of investment opportunity. These men had met during their college years, were both very similar, and pushed each other to great success in their respective majors.

They were filled with ambitious dreams about their future.

Recently, these men sat down for long-overdue drink and catch-up session.

It was as though nothing had changed between them. Both had girlfriends. Both were working hard, and had already earned a promotion within their careers.

There was a difference though. One of these men had already paid off his mortgage, and drove to the bar in a Ferrari... While the other was still renting an apartment and drove a Honda Civic.

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in seemingly similar people's lives? It isn't natural intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn't that one person desires success more than the other.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of this wisdom and knowledge.

And that is precisely why I am talking so much about my premium channel. For that is the whole purpose of my channel: to give my loyal followers wisdom and knowledge - invaluable assets that you can use in crypto-trading.

A Channel Unlike Any Other

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Each day, my team spends crazy hours scouring all of our resources. Applying advanced intel to the trading charts. We keep track of most happenings in the whole fast-moving world of crypto... and in our premium group you get a signal once the conclusion is reached.

Remember, in most of my calls I invest AFTER I give the signal to you. I don't know many fair traders like this.

Knowledge Is Power

Today I look back through my premium channel, the best statistically proven channel on Telegram. The chanel that hasn't simply thrived in a bull market. Nope. Our premium is proven in bearish times too. That's the true test of our researchers and analysts, traders and... me. Our incredibly happy premium members, and all the testimonials they share with me, are proof enough of how consistent our group is.

Where else do you get inside information? SRN's deal with Huawei?
Where else you get gem picked by analysts,.. XEM's listing on Binance?
Our warning about bitcoin at $11,500, just before it fell back down to $7,400?

Call after call... you know it already if you followed this group for a while...

If you've never been part of the premium group, you cannot imagine how useful it can be to you. Imagine this free Whispers channel... ON STEROIDS!

An Investment In Success

I cannot promise that your personal journey in crypto -currencies will make you rich. All I can do is show you what our premium group has currently done for the members who have taken the step of action and joined us on the inside.

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