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In 40 minutes from now, you will get a gift of 5x coin

Last time we did a book, we DOUBLED our money with the coin presented (THETA), in bear times.

With this one I expect us do to 5x!

To avoid pump, I decided to help a follower who wrote a book about me (not paid, on his own idea), so I decided to give the premium 5x coin hidden in the book.  You will get the book at Amazon minimal price of $3 (it doesn't allow free). This is not about the book sales as later I'll even share it for free, but the book spreading and rating of 5 stars helps your investment grow as more people will later find out about the coin as it spreads on Amazon.

The only requirement, I have to ask you is to rate it 5 stars immediately when you purchase, because the community share will make your coin recognized and grow in the times ahead.

Step 1) buy the book
Step 2) rate it 5 stars and recommend it
Step 3) find the coin and if you like it, invest in it
Step 4) your 5 star rating will help spread the news... about the coin (which in itself is very very undervalued at the moment) and help your gains become even bigger

Just 40 minutes to go!
Stay tuned...



  • 8
4m ago
Can anybody provide book link ? or it will publish after 40 min ???
D Man
  • 3223
4m ago
will publish it. Thanks, stay tuned!