Imagine this - easy, free money... A Jimmy transfers you $100 via bitcoin, to your account that...

also is connected with your card...
you can buy anything online with it, or you can go to the atm with it — get cash.

It's coming, trust me it's coming — just let's speed up the George and his Brother to let it happen.

Mark my words... no loner than a year and half from now you'll have this exact program and working, working massively - under one account you can with card balance have bitcoin balance, purchase and withdraw. They are just delaying the unevitable - trying to see how much they can squeeze you into revealing your private data. Don't. Don't accept for compromises. Bitcoin and crypto should remain anonymous, and they should find other ways to fight crime. If 0.01% are a problem, we 99.99% shouldn't be in fear for those and live more complicated lives as a result — it's obvious and that excuse is bullshit - please realize so.

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