Imagine now you came to Blockchain Whispers in January or February and you paid...

imagine you followed Blockchain Whispers and by reading these valuable crypto lessons you quickly realized it is the most accurate channel on planet.
Imagine you invested big in Pundi when we announced it as a long term gem... once, twice, we announced it more times than any other call.

Now your 1 car would turn 8 cars
1 house 8 houses
1 stripper 8 strippers

you see where I'm going?

But not all profited.

Some lost money on Pundi... oh yes.. my friend, even some of my members lost money on Pundi. This is how if you want to learn:

I announced pundi long term, and tomorrow it dipped. I said top up it's great price, some panicked and sold instead... 40% loss.

I also said long term, some held and held and pundi was like a dead man pulse, going nowhere... and I reinforced your decision putting my reputation on a line... telling you why and how and why...

Some decided they know better - why is he giving me there to hold I can invest in this pumping coin on Binance or that one..

That is a formula for loss...

And if you are a relaxed person who simply listened to me, you're in big profits... 800% you don't do in bank for 100 years, in hedge fund in 50 years... on stocks in 10 years..

You did it here in less than 90 days.

All public, all recorded here on this free channel (again my advice to read it in full to ramp up your crypto game)

If you did mistake, and learned from it, the odds are you are going to do fine next time. If you didn't learn, well... maybe it's time to stop for a moment and ask yourself... "if this man, who has no benefit in someone investing long term in 250 million market cap coin, talks about it so strongly, who spends 20 hours a day here writing in this channel, and most likely same amount of time he is active in crypto, so he is full time and more... if he talks about it, why don't I fucking consider doing it by the book as he suggests, before going to reinvent the wheel and crash and burn?"

I have absolutely nothing from you investing in Pundi. It's a fact. I'm not associated with them, although I stay in contact to know what's happening with our investment. Your buy power is too small for any significant movement on a long term hold of 250 mil marketcap and the primary market is Korea not you in Pundi case... so the sooner you get it in your head that I am doing this to help you realize how awesome crypto is and get your interest going, spreading the word and for my egoistic reason of knowing that my loyal people, people who follow me have an edge over the outside world... well, the better for you.

I'm here. I want to see you succeed. Get your head out of your ass, and read the channel in full, make a plan.

Let's aim for profits by December 31st,

P.S. If you are dumb enough to read in this entire text just Pundi - good, and go buy it now, don't expect an answer from me... you can go talk I'm a scam or that it's pump and dump or wen moon wat lambo or whatever lazy guys do. This is NOT a recommendation to buy Pundi — the one was 3---2----1--- month ago... this is a LESSON so you understand next time what it means a long term investment vs short term.

For a call that did 800%, I would need to give you over a hundred all-accurate short term calls that do 10% (and why over a hundred — because you don't always buy at ideal spot and miss every once in a while, just facts of life)... and why nobody else shares with you such calls? Because it's zero interest for them. You now have me to take care of you, but show me you care of yourself - educate yourself of crypto. Make a pact with yourself - to never invest in ANY coin until you study it first what it is, like it and like the chart - even most basic you understand. Once you double up, start being more loose and then more etc. as your experience grows. Peace, and go spank some chicks, school over.

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