Your Portfolio:

IF it's too little and you want it faster quickly... and you don't realize you'll take some risks -...

get out.
If you insist on having a bigger budget, then my best advice is - go earn more.

How? well, work more, help more people achieve more, learn more... there are plenty of opportunities.

And finally, once you have all your shit in order, contact my teammate @cryptoalfred to join you in premium. Because in this world, without Blockchain Whispers Premium - you're like a rally driver without your co-pilot telling you about the next turns and how to prepare properly. You can drive, but how well?

Yours in profit, good life and success,

P.S. And what do I want? When you make your first 10, 50, 150 btc profit... maybe you intro me to your hot swedish blonde female friend... or colombian round ass twins... or my favorite ukrainian models... my wish is when you see me that you point a finger to your friend and tell: "This is a man who 1) teach me how to approach life responsibly 2) how to be a good person by helping people and 3) how to wildly-profit on along the way. Peace.