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If Bravado spent time to build a business analyse and stuff, why the fuck turn it into a pump and...

dump group... and as I understand it was written by some associate of theirs, not themselves. Think before ruining someone's reputation. It's easy to shit on someone when it's not you. As far as I know, they are legit.

And at the end of the day — what's so wrong about it? there are people in casino who like poker because they like to have an edge or people who like slot machines because they know they gamble but they can win. both of them know what they are doing, they just choose to do so. As far as I am concerned — as long as it's transparent, and people have a choice it's okay. Even big pump and dump groups, congrats to them — they have a big crowd who likes to gamble, they do that, all happy. Just their only problem, what I blame them for is for not explaining that actually they are pumping and dumping on themselves — which should become obvious after a couple of 'plays' to most people.

With all that said - let's focus on what Daddy teaches you — do a good homework, look at chart before investing, don't do rush decisions, don't go nuts. Outwork people, out think, and you'll outprofit them.