I will use this time prior the release of the gem to teach you the facts. First of all - I have...

absolutely nothing whether you invest or not - I don't care. So you must know I am sharing this because after the premium members I want you to be the first to get the intel and then do your own decision.

With my EVERY call on this channel, every time when I say "buy" or "get this" or anything of this sort, it means just I am excited about this and I am probably getting it. I am not flawless, and you should always do your own homework.

Whenever I can, I share with you why to get something, unless there is no time and I'm in the middle of the trade(s).

So I want to make this clear. Your calls are your responsibility, and so is your profit yours only to keep.

Now, with that cleared - I had a disclaimer that the Premium and Lions have already invested. Why?
Because I want to always be transparent with you. This is one of the calls Premiums have paid big bucks for. Of course they must get it first, but they are not profiting on you, it's about 20-25% up now, they are profiting on 250% or more, so although the correction might happen, it won't happen by my Lions and won't by majority of (smart - long term oriented) Premiums.

Now, to explain about what it means long term holding to be on the same page.

If you invest now and you're holding long term, and btc goes in crazy red, your investment will go temporarily in red too. We didn't invest because it's good TA to buy now, we are investing in this one because it's under the fucking radar and we are ground zero of investing in it - one of the first at this lowest price point.

So this means, you need to basically, be ready to hold, set it and FORGET about it - with the sell order, set it at 200% of whatever you get into today (again, I just write like this, it means IF you decide to get into).

Okay, now that the warnings are all done, now the good stuff, how I see it and why I fucking like it.

Alright, I have this crazy ass strict-as-fuck top analyst.
This year he didn't miss one single call!

I am so fortunate to have him on board.

He is the most simiar to me in approach, very hard on himself so others don't need to be.
He gave me one partial intel yesterday just briefly and he apologized for it although it wasn't vital part of the intel, why? because he expects top level stuff from himself, and as he and I agree - now is tough market, so we need to narrow down our picks even tighter. That's how you saw Blockchain Whispers prosper in bear market while everyone else was struggling.

Yes, even this free group prospered like crazy - while others making at around $19k btc predicion, oh go all in, it goes up, I was the first one if you remember to tell you on a good green day, hey guys, you must get out completely of the market, now -- and four hours later, the first bigger dump happened.

People didn't trust me at that time, then about a week or so later (you have it all up in this channel if you scroll, or if you're serious, read...) - I announced the second dump, now people listened to me and I saved so many asses. Then the saga from small channel from fund managers, to one of the most popular channels in the world... and by far the most accurate channel in the world started.

While others focused on bullshit design, polite talk, customer support,... I focused on: accuracy.

About design - I have none.
about polite talk - well I talk about spanking strippers, and telling you to fuck off when you go nuts
about customer support - I'm busy so I can give here more, basics are handled by Alfred so you're never left on the dry...

I'm in nature a giver (chicks, don't get ideas!), so it was only natural for me to share my findings. Heck, when I find something awesome, I actually feel the rush I want to share my finding with my important people, with people who trust me, with people who follow me... you.

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