I Will Lead You...

If Bitcoin goes down, we will short it.

If Bitcoin goes up we will hold it.

If it goes sideways, we will trade alts.

I got through a bunch to get this trading team that is probably the most accurate in the world at the moment... what's the use if I can't help my guys who helped me get here.

The only thing over which we don't have an edge are unpredicted things like, wallet deciding to drop bitcoin at market price, or any self-harming thing like the bch fork market manipulation.

Over 99% of things Blockchain Whispers has an edge, and that means, you have an edge.

Free or premium, I'll be here for you, and together,

we will show them that for us it makes no sense to sell Bitcoin at low fee and later for some fatcat to smile at us when it is in 2020 $150k a pop.

50k a pop, 500k... doesn't matter. What matters is, we went through troubles and storms of bear times, we are holding it. I get weekly requests for big bitcoin purchases. It means, the big wallets know the future is in Bitcoin.

Stay cool,


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2 years ago ago
Seriously I m holding on one and only one faith that's you ..else I would have given up in yesterday's market..
Cheers to you D. I m holding and I m learning ..I will trade but I won't give up.
2 years ago ago
I think,. the benefits of BTC are still questionable,. it's wasting energy and other resources such as computers/hardwares,. land,. buildings,..mining rigs,. and finally a human's resources),..
we need a more better crypto,. and decentralized and anonymous in crypto are just an utopia concept as long as we still need traditional monetery system/institutions to suport the growth of crypto market. (the badly that's what we saw recently,. crypto supporters are begging to traditional monetery to support it),. crypto supporters have to build its own crypto economic ecosystem,.. 
2 years ago ago
Can not wait to become premium, please let us know when some offer is available or perhpaps a trial for the next signal, I send you the best energy! 
2 years ago ago
Thanks, D!
Jerry Main
2 years ago ago
I was thinking after all those BTC dips it will be logical if they want to eliminate the weak hands completely to pump up the price fast and hard /whales and institutions/ There won't be many ordinary guys to enter again on high price just because they will think it could dump soon and to them it will be tooo risky to enter (I have some rich friends entering at 7k in 2017 and selling all at 7k 2018 saying they won't enter again). And while those are waiting scarred to enter the price will pump even more while BTC enter in the banks exchanges  

Well that's one option. Media could help for other ways