I've got to get this off my chest, I know the Premium closes the doors in just what an hour and...

something or two... and it's not good time to write, but I'm like this, and many times I paid the price for it, however, I think it will do you a service.

I want to explain you what is happening with crypto world this quarter, why it sucked for most people (not for Blockchain Whispers, however we also had to push harder longer etc to keep with profits)...

Many people informed me of that cartel info while I had it immediately at it's distribution. It's just semi true.

I just got another intel from a friend and Premium subscriber about one whale group and I decided to talk about this.


Funds, banks, VC,... they all missed to get in on bitcoin, so they are now using their superior buying power, intelligence (not intellect!) on banking, analysis etc... to get in, and how do they get in?

By creating fud, bringing the price down, so they can buy in.

This is one of the BEST years in Crypto! And it started like a disaster.

This time, BANKS, institutions will get in, because their top teams with buying power much bigger than the entire crypto industry will outsmart the masses, because we as a mass are stupid as fuck.

However, this time... for the first time ever, they will pay TAX

Tax for being late.

I compliment Satoshi for laughing at them or guys who got bitcoin at $500 or below (I am one of them), and now they feel like winners if they use their sinister tactics to bring the price down to 5-6000.

Banks are losers this time, however, they will still profit - BIG - on the stupid easily manipulated mass.

However with crypto, now for the first time we have a chance! a fighting chance, because tokens issued they can't produce, they are late in the game - regulations is a thing good for the banks only - because then they can force ICOs to the hands of accredited investors and VCs, and vcs are controlled by the big banks... and basically tokens are controlled by the big banks.

Right now - they are late, so let's smile a bit to them - because you're witnessing even though they are successfully creating the fud:
1) by introducing futures
2) by spreading fud
3) by imposing regulations

they are late in the game!

Now it's your duty as an individual to fight for icos that don't have just private seed money... icos that aren't regulated so that the young genius from Oklahoma or from Moscow... can easily launch their bio fuel or AI program that uses blockchain to control traffic better so no one has to wait while driving on the streets and being stuck in traffic longer than mathematically neccessary.

Now decide, are you going to continue being sucker and in 'danger' of being scammed by bitconnect vote yes for regulations and be fucked in the ass for gazilliont time by big money, or you will realize regulation is a BAD thing, not a good thing. Why we as people wouldn't be free from chains on our neck?

Why I couldn't transfer money to whoever I fucking want without any government agency ever knowing who I transferred it to?

Let them fight crime the other ways, not by coming in my house observing what I am doing so maybe they can catch some bad guy in the neighbourhood.

Are you really that stupid the people?

Not you individually, because so many bright individuals here, but we as the mass as a group as media-manipulated, controlled, poisoned, mind-fucked mob of people.

Let this be the first small win in the war on our freedom and hapiness and although it's banks 5000 - people 1, let this 1 turn into two, three 5001...

If you agree with this, share this fucker, to get to people hooked on mass-media, let them open their eyes.

Just let one thing sink in, for every dollar you make, bank gets to play with 20-100 dollars.

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