Your Portfolio:

— I see the message above starting controversy: what about your 12k why liquidate longs ... 12...

is the level btc is heading... this thing is just steps —- btc doesn't plan to stay at 4k level or 3k level for more than a couple of minutes if not seconds..

Why liquidate longs...

Then new, whale longers, or shorters-turn-longers get free money!

so many people longed at 6k level, that if first ones start getting liquidated, the chain reaction of liquidations will make a market-sell of bitcoin until they are all liquidated.

That would be the most profitable play, that is why I am presenting you this warning.

This is a game of money. And the most profitable way usually happens.

What do traders get when playing 6-8k levels? A small steady profit?

What do they get when they liquidate the biggest longers in history — a fucking Jackpot!