I really wouldnt like to be the owner of bitmex even with all the money in the world as time...

reveals everything...

You wanna know what happened?

This $700 candle was an internal profit for Bitmex..

1) they announced maintenance, making sure guys CLOSE their active orders
2) they now had the exact math, how high to liquidate all
3) on bitmex it pumped more than anywhere else..

It is a clear sign of manipulation.
If they would trade us, okay... but to lie, it's discusting. And I didn't lose anything, I told you cancel orders, because we knew historically they did it once — I just heard many crypto guys who got rekt by Bitmex bullshit.

For that reason, I am pissed.

and of course, my friend and a whale trader himself he says, you know when the btc will go hyper up? when they have most of small trader's btcs and they control the btcs...

just the question is what will happen then.

I am pissed for crypto this happens. It can be a hundred good boats, and if just one bad one pollutes water, it's poluted for everyone.

Charting doesn't work since Bitmex... I told you to not short and enter long for that reason. However, I feel bad for the people outside Blockchain Whispers, who didn't have a chance to follow this advice.

Because I rather see btcs in wallets of the people, than of lying bitmex owners.

Soon Binance announced their leverage trading... I think they won't manipulate it as much... and even if they do, one day... there will come the real use of a fucking blockchain... you will be able to see all orders on blockchain - leveraged trading on blockchain... some projects are already in development. Blockchain will beat blockchain problems.. this is just a small bump in crypto — just hate to see the wrong guys accumulating majority of btc.

when satoshi had majority, nobody cared as he was not trading heavily to win more... he was dispersing for people to have..

now Bitfinex has the largest wallet and Bitmex I suppose is quite close.

Institutions and wall street probably having black money already accross many wallets... we are not going to get rekt, we are rekt... but still it was expected.

People like to get rekt since history of time... why else would they pay chicks to whip them

Yes, I will do my best with my team to be on top of 10% of traders, even top 1%... and to inform you timely, like I did now.. of important happenings. However, I hate unfair platform... like we are playing a football match during the earthquake...

... even worse, as earthquake wouldn't take away your points and score for THEM.

They would just take away...

Now you must know something: this is manipulated market. We find a fair and clean platform and we outsmart the 90%.... as even they know... they can't fuck all the people... otherwise noone would be left to trade.

However, mark my words... one day will come, when what happened at Bitmex will become public... and then, me and you will be glad we are living calm, fighting for a % here and there, sleeping sound at night.

There were guys who scammed people off a lot of money... they lived the rest of their lives going to toilets with bodyguards.

It's not that I want it for them, it's just that when greed takes over, people forget where it will take them.

I am grateful for bitmex for allowing us to leverage trade. I am not grateful for their unfair plays... but even that would be okay, if there wouldn't be those FORCE stealing of money with: system overload crap where you can't reduce leverage or stuff, where you couldn't (they were forced to) cancel the trade... where their bots see your orders... where they offer 100x and they were never having liquidity problems (almost impossible!)... only points out to... that xbt you're trading there is not even a Bitcoin!

This is Blockchain Whispers, we are the people.

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