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I predicted this. Not certainly but as one of the scenarios. In this scenario, it corrects up and...

then goes for the even stronger dip, before the beginning of the bull run — prolonging my 12k prediction by some time that will require for it to make those 2 bearish attempts. The up movement can be strong to make people bullish, that's the point.... when people become bullish, bears hit it.

I am VERY bullish on bitcoin now. Just my problem is presenting it to you, because you look at micro timescale, and don't understand that things that happen tomorrow can change the prediction. No amount of TA can predict that OKex will become non-liquid for example.

BItcoin must go up... and if it will start this week or this month... it is the only thing that can be manipulated. ETF, at this moment is not bullish thing. ETF is one of the things where you actually buy the news... as the news will make it happen... 25 bitcoins will be bought per each share sold... not the rumour. The rumour says it it will be delayed... so what's bullish about it? Bigger bull is the ICE — as stated above... bigger bull is the fact there are !less and less sellers, and that's their sleazy tactic to get you sell it.

Biggest bear in my opinion is Bitmex that will have it really profitable if it liquidates all those crazy amount of longs.. that entered at 6k levels. About that you can read in my earlier posts. Everything is said, you just have to read properly.

I can predict things, I can't make it move up. But if you see what I am teaching you, you don't want it up yet... you want to acquire your positions... the ones you will be proud of. Read the post above.