I'm sure all my smart members here in the number 1 free crypto group... worldwide... know who...

Warren Buffet is.

He's famous especially amongst investors. World renowned as chairman of 100 BILLION dollar company "Berkshire Hathaway"


I want to teach you a VERY IMPORTANT lesson that comes from a man named Charlie Munger

Who is Charlie Munger?

In his own right, he is a legend.

He is Warren Buffet's right-hand man, business partner, and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway... Not to mention Warren Buffet claims that Charlie has mentored him for many decades now.

So I'm sure you agree that he knows what he talks about.

In fact, Charlie once gave a speech where he described many psychological tendencies engrained in each and every human being.

Yes. You and I included...

A particularly relevant psychological tendency found in not just crypto-traders, but all traders, is termed the "Inconsistency-Avoidance Tendency".

Essentially, to make our lives easier with every-day decisions, we have all formed hundreds of now-subconscious habits that help us make quick decisions.

The thing is: not all of these habits are GOOD for us.

Here's a verifiable fact for you. "90% of day traders lose money. 10% make money"

Trading is what we call a zero-sum game. This means that any money you make from a trade, somebody somewhere else in the world lost money

In Charlie Munger's speech, he quotes Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding-fathers of the United States

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Please ponder those wise words for a minute (I'll wait).

Why do 90% of day traders lose money?

Well, partly due to this Inconsistency-Avoidance tendency.

You don't want YOUR decision to be the WRONG decision. So you stick with a bad trade. Even though the price is dropping. Dropping. Dropping. Eventually you're left holding the bag of coins, while more experienced traders who understand their natural psychological flaws as a human being, got out ages ago

Here's the thing

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