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I know we just published an important article about Ethereum. However, we have more work to do. I...

need to prepare you just in case that bear situation continues, that you can short and long properly. What I will present you is a gift from our first Cartel member — the tool, top bitmex trader was PISSED he shared... Anti-Liquidation Tool For Bitmex. That's right, it drops your odds of being liquidated to under 1%.

However, before that we have some studying to do. I will prepare you too as I'm preparing my premiums as I feel my role as a protector of crypto people... and getting liquidated is a bitch.

Stay tuned... this one will drastically improve your trading on leverage.

Some days are busier than others, but trust me, you don't want to miss this... if you do... you, against someone with this tool on Bitmex... you don't stand a chance... with this tool... you take away big part of their edge. Plus, even if shit goes south from the direction you predicted, you lose about 15% LESS than you do otherwise.

I won't charge for it.
I didn't charge for my book.
I didn't charge for our stoploss tool.
not for many other projects we did.

Because I rather see you have more gains, less losses than Bitmex.
I'll also show you how to reduce their fees. All in one post. Very soon.. hours..