Your Portfolio:

I know from all signals Luciano - he's been burnt, from vip leaks Kevin, then we have Alireza...

little rat, then Ron... I know their all personal names. Because they did one thing that's corrupt - not the leaking, but advertising to my free channels contacting you my loyal people (who have been notifying me so thank you!)

There will always be little leaks to private groups and stuff - and they will be banned from time to time paying membership extra for nothing, and I'll use their money for chicks and fun with full pleasure.

The last one paid $6,000 - and I enjoyed it, so thank him.

The previous paid 0.3 bt - thank him... it was a ride!

But the most insulting are those coming to you telling you bullshit. So this is just the info, I do protect you my friends - I do what I say I do, and finally... I do burn them so it makes so little sense for them to do it so even they think twice.

Cheers, and for our victory here - I'll share soon the one long term pick you can all enjoy from our top human psychology based analyst (the one that got you ZIL before anyone!)