I informed my premiums... that about a couple more days I'll be giving a hands-on leading of the...

free channel, to help you in these times (just imagine if you shorted without a tight stop or something)... and to help you.

After that I need to get back to premium members because they are the ones making it all possible, financing the team, analysts, traders even Cartel deals.

Right now I am financing it all... as there are no renewals until bitcoin comes to $10,000 or until our major holdings double up in value — meaning it's free time (meaning no expiration at the moment) for active premium members (to join go to @bwregisterbot to begin)

You can judge me easily:
see 109% profit btc call followed by 20% one
see the yesterday's big move
see how XLM and SRN and Tezos will play out... and somewhere along the line decide: hey if this guy does this in bear times, I feel good in his elite circle to make me an extra edge in my crypto journey

I know, majority of people wait for bull run to begin to start. I made you a deal where you don't have to worry about membership expiring - because I want you to see 1) I'm here with you and 2) to make the buys now you'll be proud of later.

Majority is always wrong.

Who else would you then profit on on a zero-sum game?

You are minority. Premium members are even bigger minority. Lions, even bigger. Contact @cryptokanik if you have any questions.

I advise you, if you have over 0.5 btc to afford yourself Premium membership as it doesn't expire now and can get you in some amazing positions.

If you need convincing, go and scroll through this channel and see the quality of the information and the impact it has on your bottom line.

IF then not convinced, then you're not a trader... as there is no such thing as a sure trade. Sure, maybe I don't even have a premium channel and this is all a hoax... but the odds, what you already saw here and the loyal followers and amount of high quality info in this channel.. tells you I do.

If you join any time this week, you are in for a free ride until our major holdings at least double the value or btc reaches $10,000

this is done to prevent any rush, crazy decisions or pressure to earn faster than it is intelligent.

The power is in information here, not in pushing the button. A winning trade is knowing what and when. You have absolutely best trades on your side, the whole Cartel... from hedge fund traders (major league), over bitcoin expert (one of most sought after in the world) over top TAs and me... that's all on one side... and there is Mr. Y and the fundamentals analysis team that gets you extra bonus if you don't want to daytrade, if you just want to enter some longer term smart positions and hold... like he did with almost all top gainers this year (he didn't call only one coin this year that's among top gainers in top-100) - he called zil, bnb, ont, zrx ahead of time (zrx didn't earn due to season, but the coinbase listing was before anyone knew about it even!)... the math is yours... whatever you decide, I am with you and I wish us together beat the fuckers trying to take away crypto from the people.

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