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I have an apology to make. Many guys get my "I'm busy" or "I don't chat" reply. It might sound...

arrogant or something, however I do it out of respect. What do other people with this amount of messages do?

They just ignore what's not interesting to them.

I want to show you respect by answering. And why I don't answer even the simplest requests? Simply because if I do — it by default means 3x more questions from that person in the future.

So I am one person, and now it takes me about six hours a day just to get messages to zero. If I miss two days I don't want to wake up in the morning knowing what I have to sort out... only to begin the day of trading and what I'm good at.

Luckily, I develop on all fronts. I want us to be on top — one development you'll soon see, and another a little bit later, and another yet... a bit later... and they are all free for you, for the Blockchain Whispers crypto community.

See the above - guys fishing, .. guys buying motorbikes, even guys buying lambos... it's small fish compared to institutions buying Lambo factories... and knowing I can do something on a large scale to change lives.. even one at a time, matters.

Sure, some folks will lose money, either by (most likely) making their own rules and doing what is not advised based on impulsive decision... or (this happens also) if I make a mistake. However, I make way less mistakes than you'd think... for example take MANA call... it's dipping, right? WRONG! Alts didn't get a chance yet out of btc to move beyond the insiders, and these calls were pure TA calls, so you have to hold tight until btc settles, then they will shine to their glory. If something isn't active, I tell you, but sometimes you reach target in 1 week sometimes in 4... it's still great compared to any other investment + these calls kick ass as you'll soon see (as always, history repeats itself - some panic and sell, some know it's regular cycle and hold for more than 12 minutes)

I will now share with you one call that doesn't give a fuck about TA. It's hold until August...