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I don't get you guys who don't have money - it's just a lack of desire - if you wanted it - after...

our 10th accurate call in a row you'd start paying attention (22 at the moment) - you'd fucking setup an alarm for every call by now - if you'd borrow from your grandma 100 bucks, just today you'd have your own hundred and your grandma's hundred (return to the old lady!)

do you get it - if you're any serious of an investor - you DOUBLED your money today (today - not even 24 hrs, in like 15 hrs) -- so now you want me to give you free signals - what for? Join premium. contact @cryptoalfred - let's wake him up!

You can love my style or hate it - it's the same for me, the facts talk - do you trust your own eyes?

Be smart, you know what to do.