I bet some of you didn't even know that Satoshi Nakamoto wasn't the first to birth the...

cryptocurrency and blockchain idea. Yes, he wasn't the one, but he was the one that made it finally a true success to spark this new revolution we're experiencing at this baby stage. He was the one that took the step for all those who had the ideas but didn't take the step he did. So what am I getting at?

For decades technology has never served its true purpose - freedom, privacy, secrecy and security, oh and low expenses. These are the insiprations that drive the former genuises to burn the midnight candle to bring their ideas to fruition but there is always a stumbling block, governments, banks, tech giants, lawyers, judges, businessmen, basically all the greedy and power hungry men and women at the top of the "food chain". The manager of the money is the one that has power that's why Governments know they can't have power over you if you have 100% control over your money and how you move it around. Technology needs funding and at the end of the day we have the big guys owning it and using the law to restrict us from having 100% access to freedom, privacy, secrecy, etc.

One prime technology is the internet. What people don't know is that the internet was meant to connect you to everything at everywhere, that dream hasn't been realized until now. Until Satoshi Nako,oto released his whitepaper for Bitcoin. Then the bubble got burst, all the scared genuises who have awesome ideas such as EiraCube projects and Ncash and all the amazing projects out there sarted coming out. They knew there is a chance to be free, to not be scared, they knew they had a voice, they knew the many fat bellied rich guys wihtout ideas NEED their innovative ideas so they came out, and now we have blockchain, we have blockless tech, we have hybrid, etc. Evrything traditional is being disrupted. Now we know we don't even need to trust one another to peacefully transact.

But then stubling blocks are risinf again, the rich guys ignored Bitcoin, said it won't yield anything. Said it'll die but we kkept buying, we accumulated the funds. They kept their eyes on stocks, we kept our eyes on the future and technology. You see those movies you watch of the future 30 years where we have phones embedded in our palms and flying cars all over citites filled with skyscrappers? Yes!! This is the beginning of that. (Not that I want anything to be embedded in me - but if they can find a way around a small gadget that I carry when I want, leave when I don't, I'm in...) A world where IOT projects will connect your blockchain identity to everything you own. You can be a citizen of 100 countries in just a day. You can shop online in a second and have a jet-like drone deliver your product at your doorstep and then you pay when the IOT sensors detect you have the package (XYO Network is one example of that). The possibilities are endless. People are thinking, planning, building. Some amazing ideas will be implemented in the next 8 years because it's too big to rush about it.

But the government will want to control all that and then because they will be a necessity you'll indirectly be under the control of the governments. So what's the solution? It's going to be difficult but you shouldn't just trade, don't be left out. Find those projects, get their tokens, follow closely, invest, hold onto it. Some will be regulated, others wouldn't be. Weigh them, pick a great choice. Because if you leave the crypto world, you'll definitely find yourself in it again but it would have been too late.

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