I am very bullish

I expect this week a green candle up to appear, a big one.

We can now liquidate some high leverage fomo longs... 

we entered btc and called alt season when no one did. Now they all caught up, what does the btc has to do now... it has to correct down a bit to wreck them out of their fomo money, and then it goes up to start green dildo candles up to liquidate low leverage shorters. That is the most favorable play at the moment. Which makes me very bullish, holding our alt positions both free that you got XLM and Premium (everything else...)

These are our times now brother!




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2019 years ago ago
Thank you BCW!
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2019 years ago ago
great :D
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2019 years ago ago
Longs been at an all time high for last 30 days at over 55%, so we should see a long squeeze then the big green candle up
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2019 years ago ago
Love u D-man!