I Am Not Your Guru

What if you already knew how to pretty safely double your money every single year?

It makes $1000 turn into a million within 10 years.

What if you already knew how to do it?

What if you can do it with less than 2 hours of work per WEEK!

Yes, become a millionaire with less than 2 hrs per week.

And I won't charge you a dime for it.

You are my friend already, my follower, and we hung together in tough times in crypto, I will reveal you this secret here - for free.

It is...

The Secret Of 6%
If you've been in crypto for a while now the odds are you have been chasing 



5x - es

2x -es

50% gains

30% gains....


but for sure you weren't chasing.... 6% gains!

And it is what makes you a millionaire.


And you already know it... you need just one 6% profit trade per week.


But D, how do you mean I already know it? - you ask.

Well, if you do 3x trade when bitcoin is at extremely oversold/bought levels (rsi 90+ level for example) ... you have bigger than 60-40% odds to make 6%

If you combine it with reading the sentiment properly you skyrocket it at 80% for scalp success.

With knowing which trader to listen to and which not to.... the odds of making 6% pump to over 90%

You are EASILY at 6%


And for all those things, you have Blockchain Whispers 2.0 and the update we are soon doing.


It is a matter of days now, not even weeks.


I am excited guys, are you?



P.S. And the thing I am most happy for is that my most loyal, you, my followers that stuck with me in bad times are to find out about this first, and profit first before it becomes a 'mass thing'.

It's my way of showing you I love you.




  • 36
1w ago
Looking forward :))
  • 5
1w ago
Turning $1,000 into $1,000,000, even over 10 years? 

Fools Gold
  • 254
1w ago
Loving the development and the way your always looking out for your BCW brothers and sisters!
BCW Rules!
  • 4
1w ago
You are the man.. A BIG reason for still believing in Crypto Universe
  • 1
1w ago
Thanks a lot D Man, very excited about about this! 
  • 23
1w ago
Thanks for the hard work, real thoughts on manipulation etc. and keeping all our motivation up! 
  • 41
1w ago
Big UP, D! Keep on the great work!
  • 6
1w ago
You are D only voice I trust in the crypto world.
  • 32
1w ago
Incredible brother, really looking forward to this. Can’t thank you enough 
  • 65
1w ago
Thank you Boss! Blockchain Whispers Rocks! And D Man Rules! Baby! So much good will!
  • 66
1w ago
Wow thats great news. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Cant wait to see the update.
  • 28
1w ago
thank you Dman!
  • 167
2w ago
Thank you. You are always good for surprises. There is no mentor out there as you are. Let´s rock it once again and have a wonderful 2019. Thank´s D-Man
  • 108
2w ago
Cannot wait for BCW 2.0. You are a positive person DMan (in this bear times) and always looking out for your brothers and sisters. And, for that, I salute you!
  • 103
2w ago
curiously waiting....