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I am having many excited questions about the registration today. Here are the most frequent: Q:...

Can I send funds from the exchange?
A: Yes, the bot is adjusted, so just make sure you send the right amount to the bot

Q: What if I am 677th on the waitinglist?
A: Well, good luck, the bot will inform you of the door opening when your position is ready to register. Last time some people didn't manage to get in on time, make sure you are on time.

Q: Will the users outside of the waiting list be able to join?
A: I cannot guarantee that, but this time I will try my best to allow 24 hrs for registrations because we have been featured on varius news channels yesterday and many new members came in, so they don't know yet what Blockchain Whispers is except that it's the most accurate channel for crypto trading in existence!. New members, please scroll up, do your homework, you might be amazed.

Q: What are prices?
A: 0.147 one month, 0.397 (10% discount) 3 months and 1.47 a year (2 months free + a gift!)

Q: When Lambo? Wat Moon?
A: Historically our free members did amazing, Premium members did like 30x amazing! And now our team is stronger than ever - heck you have even one feedback above from now a great friend and a client with Lambos, Mclarens due to Blockchain Whispers... don't forget boobs to go... and you're all set!

Q: So what to do now?
A: Wait for the bot to inform you when your position is ready to register.